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Healthy weight


the hassle.

What if you could prevent your pet from gaining weight simply by adding a supplement to their daily meal? This is Lumen Bio's mission. 


Our technology targets a protein in the stomach called gastrokine-1. Research by Dr. David Boone, the CTO and founder of Lumen Bio, indicates that mice that lack the gastrokine-1 protein have reduced body fat compared to control mice. 


Lumen Bio's product uses antibodies that block the function of gastrokine-1 in animals to prevent weight gain. 

Our Technology


The technology for Lumen Bio's weight management product comes down to four steps. 


First, we isolate the gastrokine-1 protein. 


That isolated protein is used to immunize chickens. Once the chickens are immunized, they begin to create antibodies that block the protein's function.

The immunized chickens deposit the gastrokine-1 blocking antibodies into their eggs. 

Finally, we collect those eggs and use them to create a supplement for companion animals that prevents weight gain. 



Our Research

& Development

Lumen Bio has outsourced a proof of concept study to ensure our results are vetted through third party labs. 

Studies to be conducted in mice will test whether feeding egg meal containing gastrokine-1 antibody prevents diet-induced obesity in mammals. These will be completed in August 2020


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